Spice of Life Tue, Mar 06 2018 19:00

Men With Beards Victorious!

Richard L

At The Spice of Life last night score of 40 points was achieved by the winning team, all of whom sporting beards. They were all men!! A very successful team this one, having won before but not for a couple of weeks.
When quizmaster Richard Linton asked the team members if they were friends or work colleagues, he was told that they were friends but with a good variety of occupations between them. Two medical professionals, a graphic designer, a computer expert and one team member who works in the media (television). This clearly is the secret of a great quiz team. A variety of skills and expertise in differing subjects!
Simple, although luck also has a part to play.
The Spice of Life quiz is on every Tuesday from 7pm. See you next week?

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