Spice of Life Tue, Sep 18 2018 19:00

Oooo Matron

Richard L

Was it intentional I wonder or just a coincidence? One of the questions in last night's quiz at The Spice of Life in London's Soho, was, "What does a man suffering form diphallia have"? Answer, two penises!
Now unless you're a medic, the answer might be down to some intelligent guesswork but "NYE", a team which had five members last night, three guys and two ladies, was puzzled. One of the guys wasn't sure if the team was near the correct answer so asked quizmaster Richard Linton if they were anywhere near the right ball-park!!
Hmm - judging by the laughter from some nearby quizzers, "NYE" were very close.
In the end "NYE" came second with the winning team "Lucky Lamas" ending up victorious following two weeks of trying for the second to last bottle of wine prize!

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