Spice of Life Tue, Jun 20 2017 19:00

Quality not quantity!

Richard L

A very hot night on Tuesday with the West End of London sweltering. Four teams of brave people battled the underground and in one case walked to attend the Tuesday night quiz at The Spice Of Life. Four teams of quality people most of whom are regulars at the quiz answered the usual variety of questions with one particular favourite being the anagram. "The one question I most look forward to", commented one quizzer!
In the end Quiz Brown & Wee Answer was the victorious team and even after losing a point for having seven members managed to score an impressive 32.
Innocent Bystanders was the second in line with Matt The Trader winning a bottle of wine. The two team members of Electric Sheep are more than determined to win one day and told Quizmaster Richard Linton that they had enjoyed the evening and would be back after their holiday.

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