Spice of Life Tue, May 29 2018 19:00

The Visitors.

Richard L

Two new teams were quizzing at The Spice of Life last night. The first made up of just two people came from Switzerland near the German border and the second team was a six strong team from a nearby office playing the quiz to celebrate a team member's birthday.
Two tie-break questions were needed and at the end of the quiz X Marks The G Spot was the victorious team with a score of 33 the same as Tavistock Tossers. For the second to last wine prize, after the tie-break, one of the most regular teams, Innocent Bystanders, went home with a bottle of white.
Tavistock Tossers, the team celebrating the birthday of Chris, although missing out on the top spot, also managed to win both the free drink prizes - in fact the person who supplied both the correct answers was the birthday boy himself!

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