Spice of Life Tue, Apr 10 2018 19:00

Thirty Three is a very popular number!

Richard L

Thirty three was the score of no less than four teams last night at The Spice Of Life Tuesday evening quiz. Three teams also tied with a score of thirty six so the last part of the quiz was a profusion of tie-breaks.
In the end the winning team with a score of 37 was Beef Sounds Right. Second place honours went to Welping Wordbonk and two teams shared third place Spice Girls and Quiz Brown.
A bottle of red wine was won by Tronald Dumps after another tie-break. Why not join in the fun next week? We start at 7pm.

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Beef Sounds Right
Welping Wordbonk
Quiz Brown
Spice Girls
Cute Fuzzy Kittens
Tronald Dumps