Spice of Life Tue, Mar 14 2017 19:00

Two Tie-Breaks!

Richard L

There was a danger of running out of questions last night at The Spice of Life. Two teams tied on the high score of 36, whilst in second place another two teams were on 35.
Having set a tie-break question about the number of hands in the game of Bridge, Quizmaster Richard Linton was ready to set another tie-break question. However, before he managed to ask a second question, the two teams at first place wanted to know more about the Bridge question. Before things got too complicated, Richard decided to substitute another question which eventually resulted in a win for Ladies Love Fascinators.
The two teams in second place had a much more straightfoward time with a question to match. The three top teams won £60, £40 and £22, not a bad night's work for the quizzers.
A team of just two people, a dad and daughter won a bottle of red wine for coming second to last.

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