Spice of Life Tue, Nov 06 2018 19:00

Unlucky For Some!

Richard L

One of the questions in last night's quiz at The Spice of Life in London's Soho related to the number 13, chosen by one famous person as their lucky number. Now 13 is normally considered an unlucky number and at last night's quiz there were 13 teams!
Had this been on 31st October it might have meant an interesting and spooky night but all was well with amongst other teams, four teams all from the same firm competing against each other.
In the end after a tie-break had decided second place, winning honours went to "Quiz Team Chapel" with "Quiztopher Columbus" one of the four firm's teams coming second and "Pimps & Hoes" coming third. "Lethal Quizzle" won the second to last bottle of wine prize. 13 might be unlucky for some but not last night!

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