Spotted Horse Wed, Jun 01 2016 20:00

If there's one thing we've learnt tonight...

Luke T

It's that Bell End, Worcestershire; Crotch Crescent, Oxford; and Brown Willy, Cornwall are all real places.

There was just one point between the winner's £50 bar tab and second place winning nowt - We're Throwing Down the Gimlet just pipping The Ginspirations to the post. Spot a theme in the names, hic?

Meanwhile, fresh from the High Seas, the Damsels In Distress looked to Angus for their rescue. Just two weeks ago his partnership with another team (creating 3 Firsts and a Dropout) led to victory - would the same happen again?

No. 6th place... But also tonight's shot at the Rollover. Which they didn't win, so next week: £50+ @ 1 in 7.

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