Spotted Horse Wed, Mar 21 2018 20:00

The Jackpot is Taken By United Nation Of Barnes!

Paige W

Tonight was quite the eventful quiz! There was a phenomenal £570 in the jackpot to be won this evening, and you could feel the anticipation in the air. We had a very tied up second round, with second - to - last quizzers ‘Bergen’ and ‘Angus & His Bithes’ both on 20 points by the end of round two. ‘Angus & His Bithes’ won the tiebreaker question and were delighted with their prize of a bottle of wine. Tied for first place we had reigning champs ‘There’s Something Weird About Greg’ and ‘I Kissed A Quiz And I Liked It’ both on an impressive 44 points. The infamous Greg proved to be a winner once again, and his team scooped the £50 bar tab for the 2nd week. Don’t worry though, ‘I Kissed A Quiz’ didn’t walk away empty-handed; they got a free drink for their troubles because we’re nice like that..! Up to play our Beer Mat Challenge for a whopping £570 was ‘United Nation Of Barnes’ and the pressure was on. They had a 50/50 chance, but luck was on their side and they walked away with that amazing prize! This means we’re going into next week with a fresh new jackpot; make sure you join us next Wednesday for another brilliant quiz!

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