Station Hotel, Hither Green Thu, Dec 07 2017 20:00

Massive Jackpot Eludes Us Yet Again

Jonathon M

What an exciting night at The Station Hotel in Hither Green tonight! It was a very tight quiz and all these incredibly smart quizzers gave it their best. The top prize was won by just one point, beating out last week's champions 'Quizabella Rosselini'. Even the second-to-last place was a tight race, with the 'Prosecco Preachers' succeeding by just one point. But the real excitement happened at the end with the £536 jackpot: long ago we started with ten envelopes, but no one has been able to find the winning envelope yet, and tonight there were three remaining. Once again the jackpot has eluded us, which means next week there are only two envelopes remaining, and the amount will be bigger yet!

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