Sun, Clapham Sun, Feb 14 2016 20:00

Clapham Legends Turn Back The Clock (To 2015) With Narrow Win....

Tyrone A

A busy, fun night saw quiz regulars 'Drawing of a Clock' reclaim their title after many weeks of falling just short to seal victory (and the £50 first prize) for the first time in 2016. It was not without drama though as they were pushed all the way by runners up 'The So Called Quizlamic State' and 'Johnny Stardust & The Spiders From Mars' who just finished a point behind.
The big rollover of £340 went unclaimed again tonight as all eleven teams could not identify the certified top five hottest peppers in the world in the allotted time.
The last question is for you... Can you do better? Can you and your friends win the £50 first prize? Can you win the rollover jackpot? Join us next, and every Sunday at The Sun on Sundays at 19:30.

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