Sun, Clapham Sun, Jan 10 2016 20:00

Gripping tie-break sees "The Quizzley Bears" win the prize in Clapham's finest quiz!!

Tyrone A

11 teams competed for the £50 cash prize tonight and after 40 brain-testing questions, the six person team of "The Quizzley Bears" and the two person team of "Shoot The Pheasant" couldn't be separated on 39 points. This called for the always tense tie-break question.... Rhianne from "Shoot" jumped the gun and answered incorrectly so Fiona and the Quizzley's were declared the winners and made off into the South London night fifty quid richer.
The rollover jackpot of £220 went unclaimed again this week as none of the eleven teams could correctly answer the difficult film question (Name the five Oscar nominated films that co-starred John Cazale?) and so the jackpot rolls over till next Sunday.
So.... Can you and your team claim the first prize next week? Can you take our rollover jackpot? Come and join us next, and EVERY Sunday at The Sun at 20:00.

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