Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Nov 02 2015 20:00

3rd Time Lucky?

Chris R

Was it going to be a case of three in a row for Sun regulars Chris the Dog? It was a busy night in Barnes, with a host of regulars going head-to-head to dislodge the Sun crown after winning twice in a row and securing the jackpot to boot! Tonight's jackpot was £42 but the competition proved to tough and a new winner was announced! Yes, the Quizzly Bears brought their A game tonight, and had established a clear lead by half time, which they maintained with a strong finish in the second half. And once again, the jackpot was won! Three times now, the lucky envelope has been chosen - time to start shuffling the envelopes! Next weeks jackpot will be £78, let's hope it gets the chance to build up for a few weeks before Christmas.

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