Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, May 16 2016 20:00

Always Sun Inn Barnes!

Chris R

Well, there wasn't much Sun to be honest, but that didn't stop 8 teams making the effort tonight, with all the regulars in attendance, plus some newbies and some interlopers from the Crabtree. 6 Mint Clubs had trekked down from the heights of Hammersmith to try their hand at the mighty jackpot of £516.00.
The Dementors had fielded a strong-team, with 7 players plus some hangers-on, a good mix of experience and exuberance put them in with a fighting chance at half-time and they finished with a fine score of 41. But the big guns had bought their A-listers tonight, and It's Always Sun Inn Philadelphia were determined to challenge for the crown. Chris the Dog came a worthy 3rd after some near misses, and the Langsiders could have been in the tie-break had it not been for some breakdown in communication - skating is not skateboarding! A pedantry point, but with over half a grand at stake, we have to be specific.
In the end it was the visitors who claimed the prize, guessing the height of the Taj Mahal to within 2 meters, and correctly assuming that if 3 out of 4 envelopes aren't the Jackpot, odds-on, the last one must be. They're gamble paid off, and the 5 youngsters went home considerably richer than when they arrived, to everyone's delight.
Good night all round, and next weeks jackpot seems a tad paltry at £72.00, but still not to be sneezed at!

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