Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Jun 06 2016 20:00

Always Sunny in the Sun Inn!

Chris R

So Summer has finally decided to make an appearance and despite a full garden, the quiz attracted the usual teams of Chris the Dog, Always Sun Inn Philadelphia and Mac'n'Cheese, with Kindle also on site to challenge for the crown.
A relatively straight forward first round saw all 3 regular teams on equal points, with the second half looking to decide the winner. With some tricky questions to root out the quiz kings, It's always Sun Inn Philadelphia proved the superior by a head, eventually winning by 2 clear points and streaking ahead of Chris the Dog and Mac 'n' Cheese by 6, only to face the conundrum of the envelopes!
Having selected their choice, and opened 3 of the remaining, they were left with the decision - 'Do you want to swap?' and despite previous winners betting the odds of a swap to think it guaranteed a win, they stuck with their first choice and were rewarded with the jackpot of £174.00!
Meaning next week's jackpot will be just £46, so everyone will be hoping for the £100 bar tab, which hasn't been won in a while. Look forward to seeing some new challengers and the regulars, and no doubt we'll be back to miserable weather by then!

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