Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Jul 11 2016 20:00

Back Quizness!

Chris R

After a momentous weekend of sport, we can finally get back to a summer of Quizzy goodness at the Sun. Some regulars, some returners and some new faces last night, battled it out for a £128.00 jackpot or at least some fine wine. Mac n Cheese and Always Sun Inn Philadelphia were notable by their absence but stalwarts Quizlamic Fundamentalists and 12 Gun Gnus were both back to fill the gap and challenge the might of Chris the Dog.
And what a battle it was! We saw an unprecendented 3 way ti-break for 1st place and a 2 way tie break for 2nd! With one question for all, it could have been tricky, but as no-one in the room had the faintest idea about free-diving, all guesses were wildly inaccurate so the table was open! 12 Gun Gnus were the least worst at guessing and got to choose from the famous 5 envelopes. They missed the £100 bar tab with their first envelope, and left with a swap between the 50% meal deal and the jackpot, stuck with their first choice and missed the jackpot! 2nd prize went to Quizlamic Fundamentalists, so they went home happy.
Next week's jackpot will be over £200, so hope to see all the regulars back.

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