Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Aug 08 2016 20:00

Big Money at the Sunny!

Chris R

The lure of the rollover jackpot has bought quizzers old and new to the leafy 'burbs of Barnes. A whopping cash prize of £308.00 awaits the lucky winner who can hold their nerve and be lucky in the 5-prize drawer. A big welcome to new team Saga Louts who held their own to finish a respectable 7th out of 12. There was also a profusion - or should that be confusion? - of teachers and students in today, with at least 3 tables sporting some of the capitol's finest educators (but no chemistry teachers me thinks, as one team thought C2H6O was the formula for water!). Fortunately, literature featured strongly in the quiz, and there's few places as well-read (and well fed) as Barnes!
Best team name has to go to 'I think one of my Dad's might be gay!' which caused a general chuckle all round, and they were rewarded for their efforts by nabbing second place and the £25.00 bar tab.
Clear winners 'Spotted Dixon' were unlucky to miss out on the jackpot, but when faced with the deadly dilemma to swap their choice for the last envelope, they chose to swap, and took home the £100 bar tab, to everybody's applause. This means next week, the rollover jackpot will be £412.00!! So we hope to see a continuation of the enthusiasm and a packed pub for the quiz.
Happy Quizzing!

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