Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Jul 23 2018 20:00

"Dean with Cream" Whipped Up to a Frenzy

Dean D

Tonight's quiz came right down to the wire with "Charley's Angels" on 40 points joint with "Dean with Cream (whipped)". The whipped cream boys and girls won that extra point by a whisk. Then came the real drama of the evening. The play your cards right. The run of cards was perfect until the penultimate card was drawn which was a five, so naturally, the next card must surely be higher. Higher they said. So I put the cat among the pigeons by offering £90.00 to walk away with guaranteed cash in your pocket no gamble. No higher than a five, final answer!!!
So I turned over the next card. Another five. Nothing for a pair. NOT IN THIS GAME, which means next week's Jackpot is £420.00. Come on down and give it a go!

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