Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Oct 03 2016 20:00

Travelling Kiwis secure the top prize

Chris R

A crisp night in Barnes saw the numbers increase slightly on previous weeks. Despite an jackpot of £124, only 19 hardy quizzers made it out. But a good night was had all round with Chris the Dog in last place at half time, it looked like a new king would be crowned. And so it proved as a team of travelling Kiwis from Auckland romped to a close win despite a rallying second half from the reigning champs. Charlotte's & Co, proved worthy opponents and some well won questions secured them the win. In the prize draw they weren't quite so lucky, missing out on the jackpot and the £100 bar prize, but they did take home 2 nice bottles of wine for their troubles. We welcomed a newbie to the quiz, who joined Fact Hunt and ensured they took both the free drinks of the night! So welcome, and hope to see him again! Next week's jackpot is worth a healthy £162, so hope to see more bodies in the spin.

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