Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Apr 18 2016 20:00

Hotting up in Barnes!

Chris R

The jackpot is starting to boil-over now as we passed the £300 mark! Locals Chris the Dog re-asserted their quizzing credentials with a hard-fought quiz to end on a tie with Tits & Balls! But proved the more geographically talented by nearly guessing the correct distance from Bristol to London - only 7 miles out! Their luck didn't stay with them for the envelope draw though, as the elusive jackpot was not won again! Meaning next week's jackpot will be £346 for the lucky winners.
Good to see Quiz Team Aguilera making a regular appearance and welcome too to Big Fact Hunt, first timers who made an impressive score in the first half. Mention must go to Les Quizerables, who led in the first half, but struggled with the second as the bar was raised. They came away with a £25 bar-tab in second place though, so a good night for them in the end.

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