Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Sep 05 2016 20:00


Chris R

After the jackpot was won last week - in my abscence - this week's top prize was the £100 bar tab as the jackpot was only £22.00. WIth 2nd prize as a £25.00 bar tab, it was a topsy-turvy scene as team's battled not to win! Well, not quite. Chris the dog, competitive as ever, argued the toss for every half point, and winning team The Sean Connery Appreciation Society, had a two-man handicap with a team of 8, but still managed to emerge triumphant.
Fair play to 3rd place too, who were only a team of two, but had a self-styled 'Walter White' to answer the science questions! A welcome to Peter, new to the area, who came on his own, but joined up with Chris the dog to add his esteemed knowledge - of what we're not sure, but he won both the free drink questions!
Next week's jackpot is up to the heady heights of £34.00, so expect to see the pub bursting at the seams with keen quizzers....maybe.

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