Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Jul 16 2018 20:00

"Mike Oxlong" Wins by a Length

Dean D

I was asked to announce "Mike Oxlong" to the quiz which I did. Ah yes, said the winning team but would you mind saying it louder and faster and clearer. So I shouted out louder and clearer "Mike OXLONG". More they said and faster. "Mike Oxlong", "Mike Oxlong", "Mike Oxlong", says I to a round of applause. Well, you can guess what kind of quiz we had tonight. The things a poor old quiz master has to do for pub and country. But what about the Jackpot? Higher or lower on the play your cards right. With Aces high a four was drawn, only two cards could be lower, so naturally, they went higher. At this point, I offered the team a hundred pound to walk away with the cash and not gamble. No higher they said. At which point I declared two things. Firstly I declared that the next card was lower and secondly I did point out that sometimes I lie. So naturally they chose to go higher and I turned over the next revealing a Two of Spades.' Which means that next weeks Jackpot will be a whopping £372.00

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