Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, May 09 2016 20:00

Not so sunny Sun Inn!

Chris R

It was a wet night on the river as the heavens opened to wash away the weekend's weather. But 7 intrepid teams made it out to challenge for the crown, attracted no doubt, by the burgeoning pot of £464! Rival teams from other quizzes had heard the rumours and trekked down from the heights of Hammersmith to raid the sleepy Barnes village for loot!
They were held at bay, just, by the local conquerors though, as Chris the Dog rallied their troops to defend their borders and once more took the title of Quiz Kings. But would their luck hold out and allow them the cash prize? Alas and alack it was not to be, but after previously choosing wine, or bubbles, this time they landed the weighty prize of the £100 bar tab, so their efforts were by no means in vane.
Next week's Jackpot as passed the 1/2k mark and sits royally at £516!! Hope to see you all again next week!

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