Sun Inn, Barnes Mon, Jun 12 2017 20:00

Windemere boyz win by a majority of one

Dean D

Tonight at the sun inn at Barnes a closely fought campaign resulted in a win for the Windemere Boyz club but their lead was reduced to a majority of one.This party of four were split down the middle when it came time to negotiate the right choice of winning envelope for the team. One envelope contained a discount of 50% on main meals and the other contained a cash boost to the economy of £110.00 Half of the party voted for an exchange of envelopes quoting a statistical belief that exchange would benefit their economy greatly whilst the other half voted to remain with the envelope they already had. The team captain a remainer himself rejected the idea of a hard swop saying that his team mates proposal of an exchange was based on a statistical coalition of chaos. The final result of the evening was a hung envelope containing a 50% discount on food. A new campaign will begin next week for a £152.00 jackpot

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