Hare Wed, Oct 17 2018 19:30

It's A Scarily Successful Night "For Kissing The Whippet!"

Sarah R

"Kissing The Whippet" quizzed their way to a double victory at The Hare on Wednesday night, taking both first prize & the £125 jackpot. With only 2 envelopes left, it was a 50:50 chance & luck was clearly on their side!
"Candid Phantom" took the prize for second-to-bottom & the free drinks questions (& the bonus points) were both won by newbie teams - "Three's a Crowd" in round 1 & "Los Sánchez" in round 2.
The creative round had teams making a tinfoil Halloween costume to be modelled by a team member & there was some very delicate work involving toothpicks! "The Hounds" were chosen as winners of the bonus points by the bar staff.

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