Hare Wed, Nov 07 2018 19:30

"Kissing The Hounds" Worked Like A Charm

Sarah R

"Kissing The Hounds" were victorious at The Hare on Wednesday night, with second-to-bottom honours going to the "Poppy Girls" (the only team without an animal or food substance in their name!)
The bonus questions were themed loosely around bonfire night & free drinks & points were won by the "Poppy Girls" in round 1 (following a tense tiebreaker with "KTH"); & "The Dog Of The Hare" in round 2.
The creative round had the teams making their quiz master an inappropriate birthday card - the winners were "The Tofus", who produced an origami 'fortune teller'. Just like the ones we used to make in school - only somewhat more risqué!
The jackpot was a fresh one, but was no match for "Kissing The Hounds" who picked the right envelope out of the 10 to win a grand total of £13.

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