Hare Wed, Oct 10 2018 19:30

"Quizerable B'stards", Halloween Stories & A Tiebreaker!

Sarah R

The "Quizerable B'stards" were victorious at The Hare on Wednesday night, while second-to-bottom honours were decided by a tense tiebreaker between "Anonymice" & "The Hounds". "Anonymice", it seems, know more about speedy pumpkin carving & they took the prize.
Round 2 was a good one for newbies "Don't Judge Our Score", who won both the free drink (& its bonus points) & the creative round. This week, teams had to write a creepy story in 20 words or less & the bar staff judged "DJOS's", 'based on real events....' to be the star tale!!
Round 1's free drink & bonus points went to the "Quizerable B'stards".
"Vulnerable Adults" won a stab at the jackpot in this Halloween-themed quiz, but had their own horror story as the envelope contained simply a slip marked 'Aw shucks!'
So the jackpot rolls over again. 50/50 next week, with just 2 envelopes. Will we have a winner? Be there to find out!

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