Lighthouse, Battersea Tue, Jul 31 2018 20:00

"BATTERSEA-U-N-T-S" Hit the Jackpot!

Charlie T

A tough old quiz tonight but morale remained high and the final scores were just as lofty. "There's No Crying on Cruise Ships" sneaked the £100 big win with 34.5, a mere half-point above "The Real Quiz Akabusi". "Ignorant Americans" won the packet of crisps they were hoping for. The long-sitting jackpot of £200 finally found a home in the arms of "BATTERSEA-U-N-T-S", spreading future hope for the rest of us. This week's play-doh round was JK Rowling. Jackpot stands at a noble £150 next week - could be yours if you come!

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