Lighthouse, Battersea Tue, Feb 28 2017 20:00

The Mother-Flippers quiz flat out for pancake-themed victory. Come Shrive with me!

Charles C

Pancake madness last night at The Lighthouse. A mixed bag of questions touching on: the Olympics; Victoria Falls; and, Britney Spears put the teams through their paces. ‘Quizzy Pancakes’, ‘Moo’s Crew’, and ‘We’re Not Lemons, We’re Eggcellent’ all putting in a good show, particularly in the pancake-themed limerick round. It was ‘The Weapons’ who took the limerick 3-points, though, with what the bar staff deemed the best cheeky rhyme.

Amongst all this, we learnt that: Harrow School invented the game of squash; the Titanic had ‘Liverpool’ written across its stern; and, that Mickey Mouse’ dog, Pluto, is a bloodhound. Top trivia!

‘We Are The Crepe’ were oh so close to the 2nd place run-off, which saw ‘Missing People’, ‘Nutell-Us The Answers’ and ‘The Tossers’ fight it out for the bottle of wine. After a tie-break on how much time a year on Saturn represents, ‘Missing People’ emerged the worthy Runners-Up. ‘The Mother-Flippers’ had a stonking 5-point lead and earnt the much-coveted bar tab. What a night! They think it’s all shrover, it is now!

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