The Pembroke Thu, Apr 19 2018 19:30

A bitter sweet victory at the Pembroke

Lena Margareta E

Five teams ditched the sun and battled it out in an intensely tight race for the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow. Team Yeah... had the lead in the first half, but Potato Heads, led by a professional quiz master from New York, were neck to neck. However, Team K sneakily made a dash for it in the second half, and won BOTH the 30 pound first price AND a chance at the 235 pound jackpot. The evening ended in a nail bitingly exciting game of Play Your Cards Right, where an evil jack of clubs ruined the hopes of all, and kind of took the joy out of winning in the first place, sadly. So when all was said and done, Team Sepsis, proud winners of the wine bottle, seamed the happiest!

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