The Pembroke Thu, Mar 15 2018 19:30

Jester at the Castle Gate

Jodyanne F

There was a short trip around the globe before The Brews settled in the Pacific to take the first bonus drink whilst 'Underwear Drunk' wasted no time in kicking it into the goal for the second. It was back to 'The Brews' at the start of round two when they were fastest off the mark to take the bonus anagram point.
At the end of the evening, it was 'So The Rush' who finished in the top spot to take the £30 bar tab whilst the lovely Spanish duo 'N&M's' secured the second to last place much-contested bottle of house wine.
'Young Money Cash Money Business' went the distance for a chance at the jackpot - stick or twist - but sadly lost the joker so went away empty-handed with the money rolling over into next week.
Come down for a chance to pocket the funds... :)

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So The Rush
The Brews
Underwear Drunk
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Village Idiots
Young Money Cash Money Business
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