Railway Blackheath Sun, Nov 12 2017 20:00

Close Race at The Railway Blackheath

Jonathon M

Although the scores were very tight at the end of the first round, tonight's quiz culminated with a clear winner in newcomers 'Family Ties', who pulled ahead with a fantastic 33 points. Two teams tied for second place, but it was 'A Team Has No Name' who won the tiebreaker and were therefore awarded the second prize bottle of wine. All in all. we had an exciting evening showing off our collective knowledge, and I do hope that the young couple who made up the team 'If We Lose, No 2nd Date' still get their second date, even though they didn't win! The jackpot, which is growing larger and larger, has rolled over to next week.

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Family Ties
A Team Has No Name
And It Seems to Me You've Lived Your Life Like a Kopperburg in the Wind
If We Lose No 2nd Date
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Alfa Keny Body
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