Railway Blackheath Sun, Aug 27 2017 20:00

Hedges Pals donate their winnings to charity and the £250 Jackpot goes off!

Matthew D

What a great night this was! The pub was buzzing with people, alive with punters and with a very noteworthy birthday celebration. There was the addition of a creative round where the teams were designing animals out of paper with the winners being the cleverly named August? Feels like Mayweather. The winners of the sweets were Quizzy Rascals and the winners of the wine and money were Hedges Pals who donated their winnings to a charity trek in Nepal for the Woking Hospice- so lovely! Check the pictures for the donation page. The major victory of the night was with the stunning victory of the jackpot (which was over £250) and was won by Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber. Congratulations!

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Hedges Pals
Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber
August? Feels like Mayweather
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