Railway Blackheath Sun, Nov 25 2018 20:00

Epic Head To Head!

Jonathon M

The cold evening may have kept many people away, but in tonight's pub quiz, we saw two teams of friends go head to head in an epic battle of trivia knowledge. Our teams were able to navigate through such topics as geography, song lyrics and those dreaded cryptic tube stations, but by the end, it was the team "I'm Not Gay, But £20 Is £20" who showed their superiority over "Quizzing My Pants" and were crowned the winners. With the jackpot restarting this week, it was a slim chance and the cash will roll over to next week. At least the two teams came back together after the quiz and the spoils of victory were shared amongst friends. See you next week!

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I'm Not Gay, But £20 Is £20
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