Railway Blackheath Sun, Sep 16 2018 20:00

Graffiti Artists Make Quiztory

Jonathon M

In a relatively quiet night at The Railway in Blackheath, we still managed to have a head-scratching quiz, with 4 teams showing off their knowledge against each other. The victory tonight went to "Quizzical Graffiti" who have made their first appearance since last year, and it seems like they'll be back to defend their crown! Second place went to Team "Scrabblers" who also got the second place last week. This time they had help from a solo punter, who clearly contributed with the sports questions! Lastly, there was one more card drawn from the jackpot deck, meaning only 5 remain, and one of them must be the joker. Someone will have to draw it eventually! Come back next Sunday at 8 pm to see who might get it!

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