Railway Blackheath Sun, Oct 01 2017 20:00

Kieran looks like Jay, Kopperbergs look like winners!

Matthew D

A nice friendly first day of the month at the Railway, perfect me the day after my birthday! For the creative round, I had you all designing hangover cures and I don't think I had seen more full English breakfasts or pints in my life. The best design came from One man, 3 guvnors with a great plate of all your jentacular favourites. The quiz was a fickle one with some tricky little questions nestled in there. The Kopperbergs knew how to handle the pressure and romped to victory. Meanwhile, Kieran (who looked like James Buckley) got a chance to go for the jackpot and just wished that he let his girlfriend pick the card instead!

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Is this the real life, is this just Kopperberg?
A team has no name
One man, 3 guvnors
Trivia Newton John
Onward Quiztian Soldiers
Kieran looks like Jay from the Inbetweeners
This is always the hardest question