Railway Blackheath Sun, Jul 08 2018 20:00

No Spoof - These Quizzers Are Here to Win!

Jonathon M

It was an epic night for the team "Two Poofs and a Joanna" (one poof temporarily missing), who they secured tonight's first prize with their expert quizzing. But the exciting part came when the eponymous "Joanna" also lucked out by guessing the Jackpot question closer to the correct answer than tonight's second place winners "Harry Kane You Marry Me" - by a difference of only 2! Down to ten cards, all she had to do was draw the joker, and sure enough, that's exactly what she did, bringing that cash prize home to the team. (That third poof is definitely going to be sorry he missed out!) Tonight's third place winners, "My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem" didn't do badly either, winning a bottle of wine for their efforts, meaning no one went home empty-handed. So a fabulous night all around! Just watch out for those billiard balls.

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