Railway Blackheath Sun, Nov 11 2018 20:00

Quiz Minds In The Gutter!

Jonathon M

We are watching that jackpot amount roll higher and higher each week, and each week the chance to win it gets higher and higher. Tonight's jackpot question was a bit potty-mouthed - that is, quizzers had to guess how many bathrooms there are in Buckingham Palace! Surprisingly everyone guessed too low, meaning Liam from our only team of one: "All By Myself" won the chance to draw a card. No luck this time! The jackpot amount rolls over to next week. At least Liam ended the night with a bag of sweets for coming second-to-last! The rest of the questions also went to the gutter (I'm looking at you, Moby Dick!) but coming out fresh and clean on top was "Quizzers with Attitude" who had help from their pet pooch, if only by successfully distracting the quiz master on multiple occasions! Well done to everyone and see you next week!

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