Railway Blackheath Sun, Aug 12 2018 20:00

"Four Poofs and a Joanna" Are On Top Again!

Jonathon M

It was the most civilised pub quiz in history at The Railway in Blackheath, where quizzers came together to politely take part in the weekly pub quiz. Each question was met with golden silence as the teams quietly discussed the answers amongst themselves. Well, that was the first half anyway! In the second half, the gloves supposedly came off, as there were more points available (and more pints were drunk) and it was a battle to the end. Tonight's victors were returning champs "Four Poofs and a Joanna" thanks to a recent safari and Eurovision trips granting them insight to the geography questions. Newcomers "Oliver's Army" are nipping at their heels, though. Will they come back next week to claim victory?

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