Railway Blackheath Sun, Aug 05 2018 20:00

Three Wasn't A Crowd!!

Malcolm H

Less was more at The Railway tonight, with a cosy 3 teams displaying impressive knowledge and each carrying away a prize. "3 By Window" took the top spot with a huge-respect 42, the second-placed "Princess Of Wales" lads shared a lovely bottle of red, and quartet "Brain Dead" were happy with their consolation sweets. At 33 points, "Brain Dead" they weren't - nor were any of the lads (far as could be told, anyway) her Royal Highness the "Princess Of Wales". Is anyone telling the truth? Though our 3 clear winners were definitely by the window!! Despite an astoundingly accurate closest-to answer from the window huggers, the Joker remained elusive. So the jackpot rolls on.

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