Signal Sun, Jul 15 2018 19:00

Big & Small

Richard L

Large and small teams competed for a £50 bar voucher at The Signal in Forest Hill on Sunday night. The largest team comprised six players and the smallest was a lady quizzing solo who apart from her regular job, volunteers as a fundraiser for The London Air Ambulance. This raised a well-deserved cheer from everyone but competing against larger teams meant that the solo quiz lady didn't win. "Shirley Bassey's Burley Chassis", was the victorious team with an impressive 36 point score.
Two tickets to The Control Room (a venue at within The Signal) were won by a two-person team, "Upstairs Outdoors" much to the team's surprise!

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Shirley Bassey's Burley Chassis.
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Quizzardry.
Celebrity Puffins.
Upstairs Outdoors.
The Lone Ranger.