Signal Sun, Oct 01 2017 19:00

Team Cloaklnd "Cloaklands F.C" bring their game faces.

Matthew E

The Signal, Sunday Night quiz was a blast. After 5 questions we knew we were dealing with an all star cast. A question about the game show "The Chase" produced a contestant who was actually on The Chase.
Later on in the evening, a question about Manchester had some Mancunians cheering for their hometown.
The coveted bottle of wine went down to a "closest to" tiebreaker and with 'Team Ashley' and 'Team Villa Naples'. After a wild overestimation of somewhere in the millions, 'Team Villa Naples' took the prize to their table and quickly made work of it. 'Team Cloaklands F.C' took out the top spot with an solid performance. It was a great night and lots of laughs had.

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