Vauxhall Winter Village Wed, Jul 19 2017 19:00

In need of a date idea?

Tok A

I've been doing these quizzes for a while now and last night at the Vauxhall Street Food Garden I came to a conclusion about something that I've been pondering; couples stand a way better chance of winning. Now I originally thought "its smartest most knowledgable teams with those guys who are a little too eager on a Tuesday night" but then I realised that that kind of group is missing something. Nothing says team work like "we're in love". Nothing says dedication like "She's said yes to a second date and we're doing a quiz and I need to look smart cos then there's a chance for date number 3!" .Not to mention that they tend to have the most fun as they know that even if they don't win, they've got each other to take home.
So whether you've been married for 20 years or you're still can't believe that Janet from marketing said yes to drinks - take part in a quiz guys; the power of love puts the odds in your favour.

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