Village Inn Ealing Wed, Oct 03 2018 20:00

The Village Ginn

Celia L

Things are starting to get bigger and more competitive now at The Village Inn - two new teams and one returning team. Lovely to meet “The First Wives Club” and to have you on a Wednesday with us for your monthly meet up!

Gin was the drink of choice and 35 was the common score tonight with three teams in joint first at the end of round 2 - but true to their form, “Rubbish At Team Names” managed to clinch the title for yet another week!!

Commiserations to new team “Quiz Acabusi” who had a king in the way between them and winning the cash jackpot tonight.

... is it bad I want it to get into the £100 margin before someone wins it!! Now that’s a real jackpot!!

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