Waggon & Horses Mon, Jul 03 2017 20:00

Summer Quizzing!

Richard L

A lovely evening and outdoors once again at The Waggon & Horses in Kingston-upon-Thames for the regular Monday night quiz. Two regular teams competed with a team from last week and a team of two newcomers one of whom asked if there might be some hairdressing questions. Suprisingly he was a barber!
A music question regarding a 70s song had all team members scratching their heads but in the end Heaven Knows I'm Quizzable Now triumphed with a mighty 41 points, less one point for winning two weeks in a row. Is there no stopping this team? Come along next week and try!!

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Top Teams
Heaven knows I'm qizzable now
You Couldn't Even Make I More Smarter
Amber Green
The Mighty Boosh