Walmer Castle Sun, Oct 28 2018 19:30

Double Tie Breaker Tonight!!

Daniel C

We needed not one but two tie breakers to decide our second to last bottle of wine, 2 teams tied in second to last so after our first tie break 2 teams were still closest to after putting the exact same answers but after our second one team "Pinky and the Brain" came closest too and were also double winners tonight after getting our other closest too question to take part in our play your cards right round and only went on to win our £300 jack pot!! Returning team "This Place Used To Be Cool" were tonight’s top team, they scored 31 points to win top spot and take home a £50 bar tab. It was good to welcome so many new players as well as our regular players and even though our jack pot was won we will still have £100 on offer next week!!

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Top Teams
This place used to be cool
2 loose sausages
The no it alls
Pinky and the brain
Quizzy mcquizface
Donau Damper Schiff Fahrts Kaptain
Nottinf chill