Waverley Arms Tue, Jan 17 2017 20:00

Farewell Mushy Peas

Andy D

Tonight's defending champions the Mushy Peas bid farewell to the Quiz as their key member is off travelling for the next 10 months. Playing via Skype was suggested but ultimately rejected due to time differences and the traveller in question possibly having better things to do. A valiant effort but they could only tie in second with Celtic Love, a team with a name sounding like a dreadful compilation album. Asterix and Obelisk battled with The Locals to see who could be just bad enough for the bottle of wine, the Locals winning that micro war by one and a half points but the victors were We'll Give the Prize to Charity' a team with noble intentions but also aware that you can't send a Forty pound bar tab to Oxfam. Thanks for playing everyone....see you next week.

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