Waverley Arms Tue, Mar 21 2017 20:00

Half Time Food Disaster!

Andy D

Well that was weird. Never in the history of the Waverley quiz have we had a turnaround like that. At half time Brewtile were comfortably leading Cadman Lewis for top prize. However, despite being warned about the dangers of half time eating they went ahead with their burger suppers and crashed and burned in the second half to finish in last place pushing the until now stranded Big Fact Hunt up into the second from last place wine prize position. Georgia and the Babes joined Cadman Lewis in joint third while two remarkable second half performances from Frank Sue and Room 55 and Sluggers Delight saw them surge up into the top two positions. In the end it was the Sluggers who won a debut first prize. Well done everyone, see you next week.

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