Waverley Arms Wed, Feb 10 2016 20:00

"More Free Wine Please" Win Big In Nunhead But Only After Nail Biter!

Tyrone A

In what turned out to be a three-horse race between regulars 'The Plandos', 'More Free Wine Please' and 'The Drakesfellers' it took a gripping tie break question to separate the two former teams, with 'Free Wine's' Rebecca holding on to her nerve to steal victory.
The second-from-last prize of the bottle of wine went to quiz newcomers 'Trinamo 3ev'. The declared on their way out that they will be back next week, with reinforcements with the aim to win the first prize. Can anyone stop them? Can you??? Come and join us next (and every) Wednesday at The Waverley Arms to find out.

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