Waverley Arms Tue, Jan 23 2018 20:00

Regulars Return Rusty

Andy D

Our first quiz back of 2018 and for a while it looked like being a bun fight for the second to last place wine as our regular teams struggled to get a foothold in a first half which saw 5 teams separated by 2 points. Things picked up after the break but despite a storming effort by Charity it was 'The Flying Turds' who lead from the front. 'Hitchhikers' won the free wine while 'Second from Last Please' were way too good for that request. 'Watson and Bradley' brought up the rear whilst 'Dead Lucky', 'Quiztian Soldiers' and the 'South East London Massive' were clearly saving their best for next week! Where I shall hopefully see you all back at The Waverly. Well done everyone and thanks for coming!

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